Whether you own a business or would just like to build a community, Taiga Forum is for you.
Take advantage of all the powerful features, or just use Taiga Forum to chat with associates, friends, or customers - it's up to you.
The ultimate support tool.
Taiga Forum makes the perfect support system for your customers, allowing you to assist them in real time.
In fact, we use a Taiga Forum to support our own customers. Feel free to drop by and see the forum in action.
Taiga Forum is built for speed, making communication easier and faster than ever.
Instant communication.
Posts appear as soon as they're made, so there's no need to reload. This means you can use Taiga Forum just like chat or IM, while enjoying all the features of a forum.
Better productivity.
Add moderators, change settings, and arrange boards - all without having to reload. Even the admin panel loads instantly, so you can get in, out, and back to business.
Taiga Forum looks and works great in all the modern browsers.
Taiga Forum is optimized for Firefox 3+,
Internet Explorer 8+, Safari 3+, Opera 9.5+, and Chrome 2+.
Support for IE 7 is coming soon.
Internet Explorer 6 is not supported.
We host it for you.
With Taiga Forum, there's no need to install any trouble-prone CGI scripts on your own Web space. We take care of everything for you.

What's more, you get free, automatic software upgrades - forever. This means that, as a Taiga customer, you will always be running the latest version of Taiga Forum, complete with every feature and bugfix. This ensures that your community will always be secure.
Taiga Forum is more than just instant communication. It's a powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use way to support communities.
Click a feature to see a preview:
Why put up with Web addresses like showtopic.php?p=284233 when you can have my_new_art_project.html? With Taiga's Humanform URLs, what you see is what you get. Even if you bookmark a post, then later that post gets deleted, your bookmark will still bring you to right place. And search engines will have no problem indexing your forum, either.
See who's online or in a topic with you using the Active Userlist on every page. It updates live, so there's never a need to reload, and can be hidden when not in use.
When topics reach a certain length, page numbers automatically start to hide, then eventually change to a dropdown. Users can even set these thresholds themselves.
For quick access, paging is always found at the bottom of the window, no matter where you've scrolled on the page.
The most popular boards are always shown on the GoTo Bar at the top of the window. Here you'll also find links to your messages and the full list of users.
More features included in every Taiga Forum:
  • Support for unlimited users, forums, topics, and posts
  • Drag-and-drop arrangement of boards and categories
  • Changing post view setting on the fly, without reloading the page
  • Instant inline editing of posts
  • A wide selection of styles from which to choose
  • Instant style switching on a per-user basis
  • Email notifications of new posts per-topic or globally
  • Poll topics with up to 8 options (radio button and checkbox)
  • Full permissions settings for both default and custom usergroups
  • Uploading attachment files to posts
  • IP-based sessions, optional on a per-user basis
  • Free and complete support from the developers of Taiga Forum
  • Instant, in-topic post preview
  • BBCode support for creating and editing posts
  • A wide range of smilies for use in posts
  • Instantly sorting list of users
  • Sub-boards to divide regular boards
  • Announcement and Sticky topics
  • Instant post quoting and deletion
  • Convenient links to message users
  • Fully customizable username display colors by group
  • Ignore feature for topics and boards
  • Fast, complete forum search
  • Automatic updates - every Taiga Forum runs the latest version